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Show a Variety of Maps on Your Web Page with Top Quality WordPress Plugins

If you need maps for your web page (and many do), there are a lot of options out there than can do simple integration. However, if you are looking for something really special that will make your site stand out- there are some amazing premium options out there. Plugins that allow auto-location, searches, multiple maps, HTML ready pop-ups, the ability to filter results and more. So here are 7 premium Google Maps plugins that we think you should know about.

  1. Responsive Styled Google Maps – WordPress Plugin

This is a great option to kick off the list as it is easy to use and simple to integrate- but it also offers so many incredible features. Plus, it’s totally responsive. And you don’t have to worry about database load, nothing is being stored in there at all. It’s all based on shortcodes pulling in specific information each time. You can create maps based on coordinates or addresses, and you can include as many markers as you like. You can even put as many maps as you like on a page. Additionally, it features popups that support HTML and you can even add a search box to filter down locations.

  1. 5sec Google Maps

I don’t know about 5 seconds, but the 5sec plugin is definitely a fast plugin with quick integration. There is no setup needed and you can immediately insert maps into posts, pages, and custom post types out of the box. You can even change the default shortcode if something else suits your fancy. The description boxes are fully customizable with HTML and you get outstanding support for address directions. Lots of documentation and help available as well.

  1. Interactive World Maps

This map is an amazing solution for those that run news or magazine type websites. Or even if you just wanted to illustrate a coverage area. You will have the ability to show literally hundreds of different maps including world maps, continents, sub-continents, countries divided by region, a single state, the US by metro areas, and even maps of the US divided by metro areas. And you can customize how these are displayed by calling out regions and areas by color coding them or displaying markers.

  1. Progress Map WordPress Plugin

You may not have thought about how your locations would be displayed, but Progress Map did. It has all the features you would expect in a premium map plugin. You can serve up the best and most relevant locations to your visitors. And it works with any post, page, or custom post type.

  1. Map List Pro – Google Maps & Location directories

This is another one that comes with the features you expect and throws in its own twist. Not only will you get a map plugin that sports more than 35 available styles- but you also will be able to display locations in a paged, sortable, searchable, and filterable list. Visitors love this kind of functionality that keeps them from having to hunt for what they want. It’s a great way to display multiple locations quickly and easily as a mini-directory.

  1. Advanced Google Maps Plugin for WordPress

Flipper Code offers a solution that they are so sure of, they have a one-click refund policy. They are that sure you will be happy with what you get. It’s fully responsive and lets you display any number of maps on a single page or post. And it utilizes AJAX for onscreen user-side processing as well as fast load times. It also features a nice category listing that you can use to filter your results. Plus, you can actually put posts on a location popup. No more 3 lines of text. You can put whatever you like and really dress it up.

  1. Simplified Google Maps

This is a totally smooth simplified solution that offers you full management of your maps from one centralized location. No having to worry about coding, this plugin takes the guess work out. You get real-time administration that doesn’t require the time-consuming process of “click to preview” and going back and forth to check out your work. With its graphic interface, you can also simply drag and drop locations on your map and add text, images, links, and videos with a  WYSIWYG editor.


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