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5 WordPress Plugins to Build Your Own Dating Site

Whether people like to admit it or not, most people have tried online dating. While it seems it might not be the best story of “how we met”, online dating has provided a considerable number of interesting stories. Perhaps you have used an online dating site and thought, “I could do this better.” And that epiphany, readers, is where all great ideas come. What would you do if you could re-invent the dating website? With the powerful WordPress platform and some of the dating site plugins that are available, now you can put your idea to the test. Here are a few of the plugins that we think you should swipe right on.

  1. WP Dating

Despite the simple name, WP Dating may perhaps be the most complete dating site plugin package. It is built to be almost a component based system. After you install the basic platform, you decide what modules to use on the site. And it is built to work with different themes and be compatible with different plugins and widgets. It has a very robust search system that even allows you to save each individual search and recall it later or set it up as a standard search. It also comes with a Tinder-like “Meet Me” feature for quick matching. Another great feature is the ability to use their Date Tracker and manage who you’ve been on dates with. That’s a pretty handy tool to avoid some embarrassing messages.

  1. Rencontre

If you were to read a list of features like Rencontre has, you would never guess it’s a completely free plugin. Believe it or not though, this feature-rich solution is completely free. It features a full search system with both simple and advanced searches as well as proximity search. It is login based so users must become members’ privacy and information is protected; also opening up the ability to make this a turn-key membership dating website. Members get access to a reporting system for unruly users as well, to help with site integrity and safety. Plus, members can connect with their Facebook profile- making profile creation even easier with photo importing. Best of all, this is all in-house, no third party services; so your data is secure.

  1. BuddyPress

This is a little out of the box, but hear us out. Say you wanted to build a community of singles and make everything transparent and forge a sense of togetherness- BuddyPress might be your answer. It is the premiere community-building tool on the web, especially for WordPress. And it offers features like messaging, profiles, activity, public walls, and much more with additional plugins and add-ons. It wouldn’t be a traditional dating site per se- but maybe that’s what you want.

  1. BBPress

If you want a feature to really build community and extend what we talked about in our last entry- consider BBPress. It’s a very solid forum building plugin that works alongside BuddyPress. A forum can be a great place to exchange ideas and meet new people. And with any number of threads, replies, and topics- it’s an easy way to cater to a large audience.

  1. Avandate WordPress Dating Plugin

Advandate is a solution for those looking for something a bit more turn-key and ready out of the box. It comes with many of the features you would expect, and more on a tiered bases. You can perform geo searches, and use the “Meet Me” feature, as well as send eCards, and photo greetings. You can also make use of over 20,000 global dating profiles that will become part of your network to enhance the activity on your site.


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