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Put Your Sidebar Space to Good Use with the Best WordPress Plugins

Designing your site and deciding where all of the elements go on the page is much like setting up shop. The proper display draws customers to flock to it. And, much like setting up a brick and mortar shop, placement is everything. Make good use of your space on your site by using the empty space properly. The space along the left and right edges of your main text are called sidebars. Put these surrounding edges to good use by implementing one of these best sidebar placement plug-ins on your site.

  1. Custom Sidebars

    Take full control of your sidebar content and displays with this super easy plug-in. Not just one kind of user visits your site, so it doesn’t make sense to have a one-size-fits-all sidebar. Select categories, tags, post types or create specific content for guests and others for signed-in members only. Dynamically display your custom design with more than 100 built-in plug-ins and themes with the upfront theme builder. If you already have a WPMUDEV membership, Custom Sidebars comes free.
  2. Simple Page Sidebars

    The name says it all. Sidebars don’t need to be complicated to design. Keep it simple with Simple Page Sidebars. Assign custom designed sidebars to specific pages of your choosing without changing templates. Assign existing sidebars for quick or bulk edits. Give each page or section its own widgets, or choose to assign the same sidebar to multiple pages while maintaining full control over naming, designing, and placing the custom sidebars.

  3. Content Aware Sidebars

    Don’t worry about slowing down your site with this plug-in that made scalability a priority. No coding required to add unlimited custom sidebars to pages, posts, and categories to work with any theme, with enhanced widget control and the ability to merge themes and draft and schedule widgets. If you like a bit of coding, there is the shortcode and template tag option. This plug-in is available in 38 languages. The pro version offers additional tools such as priority email support, sidebar, and widget revisions, syncing sidebars across all themes, and a greater selection of display and roles. Install the free version and then upgrade to pro at your convenience right from the dashboard.

  4. Multiple Sidebars

    Easily create sidebars the way you want them to appear inside your posts, pages, custom post types, or categories. Select several at once and see all active sidebars, not just one.
  5. SMK Sidebar Generator

    Take full control of your sidebars with this plug-in that allows you to make as many sidebars as you need and to place them on any page you want without ever writing a single line of code. Create unlimited sidebars, drag to sort the position, and replace default theme sidebars in one global command or apply conditions.

  6. Sidebar Manager Light

    Take full control over layouts, page content, sidebars, and widgets. This plug-in provides the full spectrum for sidebar placement and design to create as many custom sidebars you need with fully responsive column layout, drag-and-drop widgets, and grid manager. It is internationalization ready, so language is not a barrier. Anytime day or night support and updates with absolutely no coding knowledge needed. Though, there is the option to copy shortcode or to insert code in the editor. Widgetize pages with widget visibility, and place and replace content sidebars.

  7. PG Context Sidebar

    Highlight related offers, ideas, or offset a special quote by showing unique content in the sidebar for each page or post. Advertise details of special deals, add details of tutorial course prerequisites or add a relevant quote to an article to display in the sidebar. Use HTML code if you want, use templates, or easily copy the content of another sidebar.

  8. Easy Custom Sidebars

    This plug-in works well to use on client projects or for use on existing sites that currently have limited sidebars. Create unlimited custom sidebar replacements, activate or deactivate sidebars, and customize the Admin page with this translation ready plug-in. Designing custom sidebars for your site is made easy with this plug-in that allows you to replace any sidebar or widget area with no coding necessary. It even replaces more than one widget area on the same page. It is compatible with any theme. Preview in real time.

  9. Custom Sidebars Manager

    Easily design global sidebars from multiple sidebars, or create multiple sidebars from global ones. Target any page, post, or content. Either way, this plug-in offers widget visibility on the pages you choose for them to appear, works with implemented conditions, and conditional logic.

Select the sidebar plug-in that best meets your needs. Most require absolutely no complicated coding knowledge. With any of these sidebar plug-ins, you call the shots. Easily design and implement the areas on your site that you want to get noticed.


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